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fibi & clo’s mission is to give every woman the opportunity to determine her own destiny, and walk her own path to success. fibi & clo accomplishes this by designing fabulous sandals and products and cultivating an environment of teamwork and encouragement. We stand for nothing less.

From this simple mission, fibi & clo is set to relaunch in a truly incredible and unique way. Besides the opportunity that fibi & clo will bring to women across the nation who wish to build their own business, fibi & clo also believes in giving back to those that need a little more help with getting back on their feet.

Many months before the relaunch was even finalized, the leadership team decided to create a foundation called “Her cause.” Nancy Weaver, one of the earliest and most successful members of the fibi & clo family, was chosen to head up this initiative (in reality there was no need to ask, Nancy jumped at the opportunity). Nancy had been calling charities throughout Texas, and during one call was told about the victims of domestic abuse, and how to escape their abusers would need to undergo daring escapes.

When she heard that the woman on the other end of the phone, who headed up the charity, was also a domestic abuse survivor, and that she had to escape her own abuser in the middle of the night barefoot and with no possessions, Nancy knew how to bring a sparkle back into the lives of victims of domestic abuse.

fibi & clo has teamed up with domestic abuse shelters throughout the state of Texas to donate sandals, time and money. You would have to be there to witness it, but the power of a new pair of sandals really can make someone’s day absolutely incredible, especially if they have just lost everything.

As example of this was in March of 2016, Nancy and a small team headed to a shelter in Tyler, Tx. After dropping off a shipment of shoes, the Director of the shelter invited the team back to meet some of the women. Upon arrival 90 women, all wearing their newly gifted fibi & clo sandals and all with huge smiles, warmly embraced the team. That moment is a driving force for everyone who participates with the Her Cause foundation.

Each shelter fibi & clo visits is unique in its own way, but they all shared a common thread; women helping fellow women. The care and compassion of the women working at the shelters is amazing. They give their hearts and souls to help women in need. In addition to the sandals, fibi & clo routinely organizes giving events where fibi & clo fashion agents and volunteers can donate their time to create shoe boutiques within the shelters where residents can “shop” for their sandal donation. It’s truly an amazing experience for everyone involved.

If you’re interested in learning more, or would like to donate your time to the foundation, please email and put “volunteer” in the subject line.