frequently asked questions about fibi & clo.

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  • Q: How do I know what size I am?
  • A: Please click on your size below to print out a foot outline. Place your foot in the outline to determine which size you are. These outlines are for our wedges and flat sandals. For the Southampton sandal and Closed toe shoes please refer to our size measurements on the shop page. Our sandals do run small, and we recommend half sizes try the next larger full size.
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  • Q: What is your return policy?
  • A:Please see the Contact section.
  • Q: What is a manufacturer defect?
  • A:Please see the Contact section.
  • Q: What if I am having trouble with my online order?
  • A: Please email
  • Q: How can I host a shoe party?
  • A: We always love hearing that someone is interested in hosting a trunk show party. It's a fun way to get your friends together while you shop together. If you would like to host one, simply email us at, and we would be more than happy to talk!
  • Q: Can I attend a party?
  • A: Most of the shows are held in a private home, and the hostess sends the invitations. However in the event that someone hosts a show in a public venue, we will notify our fans via email. You can email us at to get on our mailing list!
  • Q: How often do you bring in new styles?
  • A: AnaLiza is always traveling the globe searching for inspiration and new design ideas. We don't have a set design schedule yet, but AnaLiza is always working to bring in new styles. Keep checking the website for new styles or sign up for our newsletter.
  • Q: How can I sign up for the newsletter?
  • A: Email us at It's super fun and will keep you up to date with AnaLiza's life and travels.
  • Q: How do you ship orders?
  • A: We use FedEx or the US Postal Service to ship all orders. Please expect at least two weeks for your shoes to arrive.
  • Q: Why does it take two weeks?
  • A: Your order is extremely important to us, but we are a small company with a large amount of orders. We quote two weeks to be on the safe side, but we try to get it to you faster.
  • Q: Can I become a fibi and clo sales rep?
  • A: Yes, fibi and clo is an amazing opportunity and we are now hiring sales reps in select territories. Please select our join page for more information and an interview can be scheduled.
  • Q: How do I select 3 day shipping?
  • A: All orders received before 2pm will ship same day and will arrive in or before 3 days. All orders received after 2pm will be shipped the following day. We strive to get your order to you before 3 days when expedited shipping is selected. All orders are shipped from Houston, TX